Shape the future of mobile map design: We need your help!

· by Mona Bartling · in Master's and PhD students projects, Research

Have you ever used a map app on your smartphone outdoors and had to pause your activity midway because the sunlight was just too bright so you couldn’t read the map properly? Or have you ever tried finding your way to a coffee shop downtown efficiently without getting shoved by the crowds?

A future version of mobile maps will adapt to exactly those kinds of map use situations. Now, it is your chance to help make this vision happen.

Our research evaluates users’ map use behavior in different contexts, which will provide us with a better understanding how to design context-aware and adaptive mobile maps.

We want YOU!

Do you wish to contribute to this research and are you curious about how a user study in virtual reality looks like? We are now recruiting participants for our virtual reality experiment in the GIVA CAVE, room Y25-J-87 at Irchel Campus from mid-June to beginning of July 2023. The experiment takes around one hour, and you will be compensated with 20 CHF. You need to be between 18 and 65 years old, healthy, and able to comprehend English.

Please send an email to Mona Bartling if you are interested in participating! We will send you more information related to the experiment in response.

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