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  • · by Tim Fässler · in Master's and PhD students projects, Research

    «Leave no one behind»: Erfüllt das Velonetz der Stadt Zürich diesen Anspruch?

    Wieviel das Velo im Stadtverkehr genutzt wird, hängt stark davon ab, wie sicher sich die Velofahrenden fühlen. Dabei gibt es grosse Unterschiede im Sicherheitsbedürfnis der verschiedenen Nutzer:innengruppen. Welche Routen für wen geeignet sind und was der geplante Ausbau des Velonetzes für sie bringt, habe ich in meiner Masterarbeit untersucht.

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  • · by Katia Soland · in Master's and PhD students projects

    Cholera 1855 in Basel: Between History, Epidemiology and Geographic Visualisation

    In 1854, Dr. John Snow creates a map of cholera cases in London’s Soho district. He can thus show that the disease is transmitted through contaminated water. In her Master’s thesis, Inga Birkhölzer investigated what can be extracted today from the cholera figures of 1855 in Basel using geographical visualisation.

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  • · by Jessica Powell · in Master's and PhD students projects

    Climate migration: The value of refugee perspectives

    How will the impact of climate change affect already increasing global migration flows, especially in Europe? In my master’s thesis, I conducted 27 semi-structured interviews with refugees and asylum seekers in Greece from eleven different countries.

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  • · by Mona Bartling · in Master's and PhD students projects, Research

    Shape the future of mobile map design: We need your help!

    Have you ever used a map app on your smartphone outdoors and had to pause your activity midway because the sunlight was just too bright so you couldn’t read the map properly? Or have you ever tried finding your way to a coffee shop downtown efficiently without getting shoved by the crowds?

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  • · by Ilja van Meerveld · in Master's and PhD students projects, Research

    From thrilling outdoor life to boring winter quarters

    Hi everyone, my name is Tube Bernoulli, a new member at the GIUZ. Well, not exactly a member like all the others who write blogs here. I am an instrument for measuring surface runoff rates.

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  • · by Hanneke van 't Veen · in Master's and PhD students projects, Teaching and studying

    Buddy Program: Helping new PhD students to settle in faster and happier

    What is the agreement form? Which IT infrastructure is available at GIUZ? What amount of teaching duties can I expect? Your buddy can help you with all these questions!

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  • · by Mena Seifert · in Master's and PhD students projects

    Remote field research and silver linings

    Combining the topic of agroforestry with fieldwork in rural Tanzania seemed like the golden combination for a fascinating master’s thesis. But then the pandemic came and travelling was impossible. Nevertheless, interviews took place and yielded highly interesting results – and second place in the SGAG Prize was finally the icing on the cake.

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