Community-led Open Scholarship: Two examples from GIUZ

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Engaging with various stakeholders to find creative solutions through collaborative pathways, that’s the basis of our research and teaching in the Space, Nature and Society group (SNS). We are convinced that working towards transformative change requires collaboration across academic disciplines (interdisciplinarity) and with stakeholders from outside academia (transdisciplinarity).

In this context, we showcased two of our projects at the International Open Access Week 2023, an opportunity for the academic and research community to continue to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access. UZH organized a poster exhibition and a panel discussion in the last week of October.

Stakeholder-oriented publication opportunities

Landscape knowledge makes current research results on the topic of «landscape» available, aimed particularly at primary school teachers. Among other things, it offers open access to a newly developed picture book that aims to encourage children to discover, reflect and admire landscapes.

Landscape services offers information about the ‘landscape services’ approach and its implementation into policy and practice.

Click on the image to get the poster in full resolution.

ValPar.CH Working Paper Series

The research project ValPar.CH – Values of the ecological infrastructure in Swiss parks is part of a pilot project of the “Action Plan for the Swiss Biodiversity Strategy”, commissioned by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. An interdisciplinary research team is analyzing the social, economic and ecological values of nature. The ValPar.CH Working Paper Series aims to

  1. develop a common understanding on crucial concepts and methods among ValPar.CH researchers, funders and other relevant stakeholders
  2. to provide a platform for rapid publication of papers from the partnership.

Click on the image to get the poster in full resolution.


ValPar.CH: website and publications
Platform on landscape knowledge: in German and in French
Picture book: in German Ich entdecke Landschaften and in French Je découvre des paysages
GIUZ Blog: Research and teaching towards a more just and sustainable future, January 2022

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