He who digs a pit … can learn a lot about soil science!

· by Guido Wiesenberg · in Campus, Teaching and studying

Since 2013, we have been the happy owners of a soil pit on Irchel Campus. There, it is a man-made soil with a non-permeable dense layer, a so-called «Linic Technosol». We give our students some practical insights into what such profiles can look like in urban areas. Curious? Check it out in this short video captured by our drone!

Every year, we get more than 100 Geography and Earth System Science BSc students out there as part of our GEO241 class «Soil, Plant, Environment» – in 2021 we had as many as 140 students! But we are not the only users of this soil profile. We share it with UZH Science Lab. In one of their workshops, they spark young people’s interest in the natural sciences out there.

Guido Wiesenberg

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