In our anniversary year, we came up with a taste: In 125 articles we gave insights into our research, teaching, studying, working and thinking at GIUZ. The format has proven itself, we continue in this «GIUZ Blog».

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We realised how many exciting things we have to tell and present, for ourselves and our colleagues, for our alumni, for everyone interested in geography. And we have learned a lot ourselves in the process, including how to communicate our work in an attractive way. This is why we are looking forward to continuing in this «GIUZ Blog».

Everyone who is affiliated to GIUZ in any way – be it as staff, students, alumni, etc. – is cordially invited to contribute. We continue to draw on the colourful painting in this blog, which stands for the diversity of topics, methods and people at GIUZ.
Contact: communications@geo.uzh.ch

125 GIUZ – Anniversary Blog