New Podcast Series: The Urban Life of Property

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“The Urban Life of Property: Thinking about Appropriation, Dispossession and Expropriation in Theory and Practice” explores the life of «property» in urban theory and practice. Run by The Urban Political Podcast, this new podcast series hosts conversations with scholars that have brought new approaches to property into recent geographical debates.

Property as an entry point into wider societal questions in the city

While discussions of property had long been relegated to the margins of urban, legal and political geographies, over the last years property has become more central to conceptual, theoretical and empirical work in these realms. Taking up this renewed interest in the concept, the series employs property as an entry point into wider societal questions about processes of appropriation, dispossession and expropriation in the city. By bringing marginalized understandings of property from e.g., post-colonial, Indigenous, and post-socialist debates into conversation with more dominant Anglo-american conceptions of property, it broadens the scope of theorizations and provincializes Eurocentric understandings of property.

About the podcast
“The Urban Political: The Podcast on Urban Theory, Research, and Activism” delves into contemporary urban issues with scholars, policy-makers and activists from around the world. It brings urban scholarship to a broader audience and in a dialogue between research about the everyday urban realities in academic institutions, urban policy-making and an engaged public in an international context.
Urban Political Podcast

Hanna Hilbrandt, Social and Cultural Geography

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