Sharing, repairing and waste management: Bottom-up sustainability projects in Zurich

Are you interested in sustainability issues and want to learn about different projects in and around Zurich? Visit the website created by five geography students in the context of a self-organized-seminar!

Following the slogan «reduce, reuse, recycle!», we have done research on sharing, repairing and waste management. To deepen the understanding, we interviewed bottom-up initiatives which aim to make Zürich more sustainable. Our main goal is to give sustainable projects and ideas a platform. Still, the website makes no claim to be complete, as there are so many more inspiring projects.

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A few examples?


… a sharing community which provides stickers for the mailbox indicating different items that the household has and is willing to share. For example: A drilling machine, a sewing machine or a bicycle pump.

«Pumpipumpe is an initiative for more vibrant neighborhoods and a more conscious use of our consumer goods. There is a statistic that a drill is used 13 minutes in its life.»

Lisa Ochsenbein from Pumpipumpe


… is the electronics laboratory at ETH Zürich, which offers students free workplaces and tools to implement their own projects, including instructions. Repair and recycle your electronic devices and gain a lot of knowledge and motivation!

«The project is about learning how to solder, weld, build electronic devices, 3D print, mill and be guided by your own creativity, resulting in many interesting and innovative projects.»

A member of the Bastli team

Madame Frigo

… a non-profit organisation that offers the population a public fridge where people can donate edible products (food) to make them available to those who want or need them. The concept is aimed at private households where 28% of all food waste in Switzerland is generated.
Madame Frigo

«We try to close the circle. With the fridges we give food a second or third life, so it doesn’t go to waste. In the end, someone consumes the food.»

Dita Srkala from Madame Frigo

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GEO 838: Self-organised Seminar

Nicolas Schmidheiny, Lou Pfister, Andrea Martac, Xander Reimann, Linus Joos