Buddy Program: Helping new PhD students to settle in faster and happier

What is the agreement form? Which IT infrastructure is available at GIUZ? What amount of teaching duties can I expect? Your buddy can help you with all these questions!

It's all about logistics, perfect team work, heavy material and enough food

What stands at the other end of properly prepared data series, detailed scientific analyses and final publications? The “hard and dirty” work: fieldwork!

Girls on Ice Expedition 2021: An all-female adventure on Findelen glacier

This past July, nine young girls spent 10 full days living on their tents besides the Findelen glacier. The aim of the Girls on Ice Switzerland Expedition is to introduce young girls into the experience of deep connection with nature, both in the physical and intellectual dimensions.

Remote sensing field work with ground contact

In remote sensing, we acquire information about objects or phenomena on Earth without making physical contact with them. We work with data from satellites, aircrafts and drones, but we also collect data in the field.

The art of critical thinking

In a world where plenty different opinions are presented like they were universal truths, critical thinking might be one of the most important skills one can acquire. But what does critical thinking even mean? This essay was written as part of the GEO199 Small Group Teaching Course.

"Ghöreder ois?!": Leise Stimmen am Hauptbahnhof Zürich

Studierende erforschten im Frühjahrssemester 2021 die Bedürfnisse und Herausforderungen der Nutzer:innen dieses zentralen Orts. Diese veröffentlichten sie jetzt auf der Website

Sharing, repairing and waste management: Bottom-up sustainability projects in Zurich

Are you interested in sustainability issues and want to learn about different projects in and around Zurich? Visit the website created by five geography students in the context of a self-organized-seminar!

Grossanlässe im Sport: Eine Podcastreihe von Studierenden

Grossanlässe im Sport werden in den Medien oft und kontrovers diskutiert, aktuell die Sommerolympiade 2021 in Tokio und die Weltmeisterschaft des Männerfussballs 2022 in Katar. In einer Podcastreihe betrachten Studierende diese aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln.

Digitalisierung - Der Schlüssel zur Mobilität der Zukunft

Die Mobilitätswelt wandelt sich tiefgreifend. Kundenbedürfnisse verändern sich, Digitalisierung prägt immer stärker den Alltag. GIUZ-Alumna Daria Martinoni, Leiterin SBB Region Ost, sprach über die Chancen und Risiken.

He who digs a pit ... can learn a lot about soil science!

Since 2013, we have been the happy owners of a soil pit on Irchel Campus. There, we give our students some practical insights into what such profiles can look like in urban areas. Check it out in this short video captured by our drone!