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  • · by Sara I. Fabrikant · in Research, What's new

    In 300m links abbiegen – Verlorene Orientierung wegen Navis

    Dank GPS & Co kommen wir schneller ans Ziel. Ohne Navi haben wir immer mehr Mühe uns an unbekannten Orten zurecht zu finden. Verlieren wir unseren Orientierungssinn? Und wofür brauchen wir unser räumliches Verständnis noch?

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  • · by Mona Bartling · in Master's and PhD students projects, Research

    Shape the future of mobile map design: We need your help!

    Have you ever used a map app on your smartphone outdoors and had to pause your activity midway because the sunlight was just too bright so you couldn’t read the map properly? Or have you ever tried finding your way to a coffee shop downtown efficiently without getting shoved by the crowds?

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  • · by Lucia Thaler, Annina Michel · in Research, Sustainability

    Where do you think nature is ‹intact›?

    What kind of everyday relationships with nature do people living in Swiss regional nature parks have? What values do they associate with ‘nature’? Participatory mapping allows to assess the diverse social values of nature(s) and landscapes.

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  • · by Lucia Thaler, Annina Michel · in Research, Sustainability

    Wo ist für dich die Natur ‘intakt’?

    Welche Art von alltäglichen Beziehungen zur Natur haben lokale Akteur*innen in regionalen Schweizer Naturpärken? Welche Werte verbinden sie damit? Durch partizipatives Kartieren lassen sich die vielfältigen gesellschaftlichen Werte von Natur und Landschaft erfassen.
    English 🇬🇧

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  • · by Monika Kriemler Fritsche · in Research, What's new

    Open Access Publishing: All you need to know about it

    You want to publish a paper and you know that you should do this in Open Access. But what does Open Access mean? And how can you do it? Your librarian provides you the answer!

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  • · by Bernhard Schmid · in Research

    Gemeinschaft geht vor

    Können wir von Pflanzen lernen? Diese Frage stellte das UZH Magazin drei Forscher:innen aus verschiedenen Fachgebieten. Eine der Antworten kommt von Bernhard Schmid, emeritierter Professor für Umweltwissenschaften am GIUZ.

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  • · by Katia Soland · in Research, What's new

    From background maps and time series to toilet tiles in the national map look

    The GeoVITe platform provides topographic raster and vector maps, digital elevation models and orthophotos for research. Roman Walt explains how GeoVITe data can be used, what the added value is compared to the Swisstopo data – and he reveals the funniest request. Deutsch 🇩🇪

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  • · by Peter Ranacher · in Research

    The First Law of Geography – and why it is a nuisance

    «Everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things.» The first law of geography applies to countless spatial phenomena. But did you know that it can make a geographer’s life very difficult?

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  • · by Ilja van Meerveld · in Master's and PhD students projects, Research

    From thrilling outdoor life to boring winter quarters

    Hi everyone, my name is Tube Bernoulli, a new member at the GIUZ. Well, not exactly a member like all the others who write blogs here. I am an instrument for measuring surface runoff rates.

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  • · by Guillaume Jouvet · in History, Research

    How much is climate change responsible for the release of bodies and wreckage in Alpine glaciers?

    This summer has again broken temperature and glacier melt records. And it has led to the release of the remains of unfortunate mountaineers, wreckage of airplanes, and other objects trapped in the ice for several decades. But what are the underlying glacial drivers besides climate change?

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