Swiss-British round table on the “Top of Europe”

International research collaboration is essential, in particular with regards to climate change. Leading cryosphere researchers from Swiss and British universities recently met on Jungfraujoch.

Was die Landschaft leistet

Was ist grün bei Greencity, welche Landschaftsleistungen bietet die Limmat in der Stadt und welche Konflikte ergeben sich durch Covid-19 in Naherholungs-gebieten? Studierende haben spannende Videos zu diesen Fragen gedreht.

Research and teaching towards a more just and sustainable future

In the Space, Nature, and Society group, we concentrate on questions and perceptions of nature and landscapes, especially those surrounding parks, biodiversity, agriculture, conservation, and climate change.

Raus ins Feld: Studierende forschen im Hochgebirge

Mit Radarmessungen die Eisdicke abschätzen und aus dem Schlauchboot die Tiefe der Gletscherseen untersuchen: Im Feldkurs GEO 411 lernten Masterstudierende die Methoden der Feldforschung im Hochgebirge kennen.

Landwirtschaft heute und morgen

Der studentische Verein Enviroswiss organisiert jedes Jahr ein Wochenende für andere Studierende rund um ein aktuelles Umweltthema. Diesmal ging es um nachhaltige Lösungen in der Landwirtschaft.

Buddy Program: Helping new PhD students to settle in faster and happier

What is the agreement form? Which IT infrastructure is available at GIUZ? What amount of teaching duties can I expect? Your buddy can help you with all these questions!

It's all about logistics, perfect team work, heavy material and enough food

What stands at the other end of properly prepared data series, detailed scientific analyses and final publications? The “hard and dirty” work: fieldwork!

Girls on Ice Expedition 2021: An all-female adventure on Findelen glacier

This past July, nine young girls spent 10 full days living on their tents besides the Findelen glacier. The aim of the Girls on Ice Switzerland Expedition is to introduce young girls into the experience of deep connection with nature, both in the physical and intellectual dimensions.

Remote sensing field work with ground contact

In remote sensing, we acquire information about objects or phenomena on Earth without making physical contact with them. We work with data from satellites, aircrafts and drones, but we also collect data in the field.

The art of critical thinking

In a world where plenty different opinions are presented like they were universal truths, critical thinking might be one of the most important skills one can acquire. But what does critical thinking even mean? This essay was written as part of the GEO199 Small Group Teaching Course.