„Geografe, nüme schlafe!“: Radikale Geographie in Zürich (1980–1990)

In early summer 1980, radical geography students rallied around the slogan „Geografe nüme schlafe!“ („Geographers, stop sleeping!“) to take part in the radical youth movement that shook the city of Zurich at that time. These activist students confronted the professorate with their demands for a new curriculum.

Heldinnen und Helden des Alltags

Viele Studierende, Dozierende, Mitarbeitende und Alumni der Universität Zürich engagieren sich als freiwillige Helferinnen und Helfer. Im Jahresbericht 2020 werden 15 Angehörige der UZH vorgestellt, die mit ihrem Engagement beeindrucken. Unter ihnen: Simon Eschle, Geographie-Student und Barmann.

Remote field research and silver linings

Combining the topic of agroforestry with fieldwork in rural Tanzania seemed like the golden combination for a fascinating master’s thesis. But then the pandemic came and travelling was impossible. Nevertheless, interviews took place and yielded highly interesting results – and second place in the SGAG Prize was finally the icing on the cake.

"Collegiality and individuality need to be in good balance"

One of the main tasks of a president is to bring together different stakeholders and to identify balanced solutions. His time at the Department of Geography shaped him in this respect, says Michael Schaepman.
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Air travel at GIUZ: Preaching water - drinking wine?

We believe that we cannot go back to flying as usual if we are to remain credible as (climate) scientists. GIUZ has established a monitoring system for air travel, the first of its kind at University of Zurich. And: We define reduction goals and help develop strategies to achieve them.

Der Boden ist ein wichtiger Player im Klimaschutz

Im Boden sind enorme Mengen an Kohlenstoff chemisch gebunden – und sie lassen sich noch weiter erhöhen. Im Podcast zum Klima-Aktionsplan diskutieren wir das Potenzial von negativen Emissionen in der Bekämpfung der Klimakrise.

Comparative Urbanism: From critique to method

A new book interprets the critical debate about theory-making and the nature of theory for research methods, and points to the insights this approach might generate.

Quantifying groundwater resources from satellites

Groundwater is one of the most important freshwater resources for ecosystems and human societies, but difficult to quantify in a direct way. The World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) is part of a large, international project consortium.

How does an education in Geography and Earth System Science matter for sustainability?

Sustainability comes in many forms of our daily lives, but also reflected on our professions and behaviors as professionals. The curricula we offer at GIUZ are well suited to prepare you to contribute to the major sustainability challenges of our times.

First GIUZ Sustainability Award

In 2020, the GIUZ Sustainability Award was handed over for the first time. It honours particular achievements towards a more sustainable GIUZ.